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Optimizing Your Website To
Optimize Your Profit

ABC Search Engine Optimization


SEO (search engine optimization) is a necessary part of any business that has a website. When SEO is done correctly it will allow potential clients to find your website even thought they don't know your name. When someone runs a search in their browser such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, or Bing they usually put in the item that they are looking for and sometimes the town or state they want to find it in. When we optimize your website we put in all the information that a search engine would need to find your website under specific keywords that relate to your business.

There are many people out there making websites that don't put in any of the information that is need by the browsers. Items like title pages*, title tags*, indexes*, meta tags*, and links are just some of the information that is needed. Then there are the smaller things that get you better ranking like naming your pictures correctly and using text not images. All these items as well as proper wording makes a big difference in ranking, but there are also items that people put in websites that actually hurt your ranking. So in optimizing your site you have to know what to put in the site as well as what not to.

Search engines are getting smarter ever day and the way they rank your site is by a point system. Each Search engine ranks a little differently but a correctly made website will rank high with all of them. If everything that you do to your site is a point that gets you higher ranked isn't it best to have your website handled by a team that knows the ranking process.

ABC Marketing provides Connecticut SEO services and have sales reps in the following towns: Clinton, Essex, Guilford, Killingworth, Madison, Old Saybrook, Westbrook, and other towns throughout CT. Please call to have our closest sales representative's information.

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